Jermaine Hamilton Studio is a space for artists, podcasts, authors and companies to find their perfect sound. Striving to find their authenticity, Hamilton curates a seamless experience for
individuals to be heard. As a sound engineer, producer and editor, Hamilton strings content together flawlessly whether it’s a soundtrack or a tone.

Jermaine Hamilton appreciates the nuance in your work and brings every moment you’ve spent on it to life. As a production artist, he marries your skill with a new level of depth and clarity.

From conception to completion, Hamilton has the experience to follow your project through with determined accuracy no matter which stage of production you’re in.

His recording and production isn’t just the final touches on a project, it is the detailing work that brings out your true style.

What’s your style going to be?

Let it be Hamilton.  650-328-8338.



Meet Jermaine Hamilton

Jermaine Hamilton is a studio owner, sound engineer and music producer who cut his teeth splicing tape and using analog equipment, right before the digital recording revolution. He founded “Studio Circle Recordings” in 2012 and now operates independently as “Hamilton Studios” located in downtown Palo Alto. As a Bay Area native, Jermaine attended Foothill College and San Jose state before moving to Los Angeles to Major in Audio Engineering. Over the years he has worked with high profile clients like Ed Sheeran, Condoleezza Rice, Chef Gordon Ramsey, U2, Drake, Damian Marley to just name a few. Striving to find their authenticity, Hamilton curates a seamless experience for individuals to be heard. As a sound engineer, producer and editor, Hamilton strings content together flawlessly whether it’s a soundtrack or a tone.

Services Provided

Services Provided

Music and Voice Over recording and production
Consultation Services
Recording and VO Lessons
Remote/On location Services




Neumann U87 Microphone
Vintage Shure SM7
Townsend Labs Sphere
Coles 4038 (x2)
Royer r-121
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic
Shure Beta 87a


BAE 1073MP
Universal Audio 4-710d
Heritage Audio HA-73 EQX2
Grace M101

Compressors / Outboard Gear

Urei LA-10
ART Headphone AMP
Bettermaker Buss Compressor
Overstayer M-A-S


Otari 2-track reel to reel Tape Recorder
Ampex Gold 456 Mastering Tape

Computer / Interface

2020 iMac i9 3.6 Ghz 10-Core
Retina 5k
Avid Pro Tools Carbon Interface
Universal Audio Apollo


Yamaha HS8’s
Tannoy Gold 8
Moog Subharmonicon
Model D
Korg minilogue xd
Akai MPC One


Moog Subharmonicon
Model D
Korg minilogue xd


Akai MPC One



Jermaine is the best audio engineer out there! At Studio Circle Jermaine helped me to record my first cover song with really high-quality audio. I was so impressed! The facilities are spacious and nice. Jermaine can help create quick ideas on the fly and also collaborate with ease. Overall, very impressed!

Emilio Cordova

I highly recommend studio circle recordings for your next project. The equipment is state-of-the-art and there are multiple studios to choose from to accommodate large groups or solo artists.  Their hourly rate is very reasonable and their main focus is doing the best job they can for the musician and his music. I will be using them to record my upcoming CD this summer.

Michael Kaplan

Jermaine Hamilton has created an innovative space for virtually any musical/recording concept and genre. He’s an observant, creative engineer and producer. He’s an enjoyable guy to work in the studio with, and has good insights. Its hard to ask for more! That being said, he seems to be able to sense when to take a more hands on producer approach or lay back and facilitate. Often that can vary from day to day. Intuition is hard to come by and pretty damn necessary in this industry.

Leon Rosen

Love this man, Jermaine is truly the best at what he does not only at his job but also communicating with people. He’s able to bring ideas to life and just a overall pleasing person to be around. He gives you the best advice on your music and makes you laugh at the same time! I highly recommend Jermaine/Studio Circle Recordings for any Engineer or Productions needs!

Tanner Feldman

I’ve never experienced a receding team that pulled out all the stops to make sure we, as clients, knew what amazing technical options were available.  Thank you, team, for letting us try different options to make the final sound we were looking for so dang breathtaking!!

They made us feel like we were, by far, the most important customer they had ever had the pleasure to work with!  In the words of the famous Country Joe song, “You didn’t have to be nice (read; competent) we would have liked you anyway!”

Marshall Nielsen

Jermaine has done two very professional recordings for our daughters, both for solo piano. The entire process has gone so smoothly and the resulting recordings were both extremely high end. I highly recommend Studio Circle Recordings as the absolute best place around for recording of any kind.

Kari Rust

I’ve recorded both my hard rock and my acoustic projects with Forrest and I will never work with anybody else! Top of the line equipment and he knows the equipment well! Timely response on emails and worked well within our budget! I can say without hesitation, this was my best studio experience ever!

Greg Elliott

I’ve been recording voice over work for EdTech and publishing companies at Studio Circle for a couple years now and have always had the best experience. I’ve worked with Forrest, one of the co-owners, each time and he is always professional, punctual and great to work with. Our clients are always pleased with the work and come back for more so I’m looking forward to working with Jermaine for many years to come!

Gabriel Galdamez

Past Clients & Projects



Past Clients & Projects

Voiceover & Post Productions

Voiceover & Post Productions



Tel: (650) 328-8338
Address: 308 Bryant St, Palo Alto CA 94301

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